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How To Correct My Golf Slice - Simple Fixes For Every Golfer

Author: Tim Lee

The golf slice is one of the average golfer's most common game play mistakes. In golf, there is probably nothing more frustrating as practicing your perfect golf swing and finding out that your ball is sliced more times than you hit straight. If you are one of these golfers who suffer from the annoying golf slice, we reckon you probably want it to be corrected as soon as you can. You may probably be asking 'How do I correct my Golf slice'?

To help you how to correct your golf slice, it is important to know that are the possible causes of it. In set up, there are a number of possible causes. This include bad grip or when the club is held so tight that tension is formed at the arms of the player, causing him to perform an outside to in swing. To correct a bad grip, try to loosen up your grip. Imagine you are grasping a little bird instead of a club – make your grip tight enough to keep the bird from escaping, but loose enough not to constrict it to death. However, having a week grip will cause you to have a clubface that is open. Solve this by turning both of your hands clockwise at the club.

Bad alignment is another cause of slice. The best thing to do is to align the shoulders and feet in such a way that they will be parallel to the imaginary line from the ball to the target. A faulty ball position is also a cause of golf slice. This can be remedied by not placing the ball quite far as this can make the shoulder to open and create a swing path that is outside-to-in. You can also move back the golf ball into your stance though still a little but forward from center. This is to make sure that the club is parallel to the line from the ball to the target. The clubface angle is another factor you should look into. Make sure that the clubface is lined up squarely with the line from the ball to the target.

Problems with the swing also cause golf slice. These problems include poor transfer of weight. You should transfer your weight to the front from the back foot. A good way to eliminate slice is by using the renowned 'down the fairway' drill by Gary Player: hit your drive and take a forward step on follow through. Another drill you can use is the so-called stepping drill which is basically exaggerating your weight transfer by raising your front leg when on the subsequent backswing and transferring your weight to your back foot.

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